4 Must-Have for Babies Swimming Lessons

 While you don’t need any expensive kit for your baby to start Swimkidz swimming lessons, there are a few key must-haves that every baby needs in order to be happy and comfortable while swimming. Grab the following essentials and get to your nearest SwimKidz class as soon as you can!

The first, and most important, thing you’ll need is a swim nappy. You don't want to be worrying about any little accidents, plus many public pools won’t let you in without one.

The second thing is a swimming costume that fits your baby snugly. Don't buy them a swimming suit they can grow in to baggy swimsuits take on more water, creating more resistance and dragging the body down. They also allow cold water to flow around baby's body, whereas a fitted swimsuit will trap a layer of water against the skin, which will warm up with baby's body heat and help keep them toasty.

Make sure you take a soft dry towel for after your baby’s swim. Look for one that's highly absorbent and quick drying. Many parents swear by a poncho towel with underarm poppers for a snug fit; it's quick and easy to put on, and will soon have your baby warm and dry.

Things that are fun but not essential: toys that float. Bring some favourite bath toys from home; as Baby is already familiar with these toys, they'll help to reassure him/her that swimming is enjoyable and safe like a big bath, but more fun!
At Swimkidz we only use warm water pools and babies can join us from birth in our hydro pools. All our lessons are baby led; our world-class trained instructors work hard to ensure every moment spent in your lessons is fun filled and memorable. We carefully explain exactly what we are doing and why with clear demonstrations; in effect, we are teaching you to teach your little one.

Swimkidz will be there with you every step of the way to ensure your experience with us is amazing.

Contact us today to find your nearest class.


Original Source: https://www.swimkidz.co.uk/4-must-haves-for-baby-swimming-lessons/