70% of Parents Think Swimming Is Most Important Sport for Kids

 STA reveals the findings of a new report, which shows that 70% of parents think swimming is the most important sport for children to learn—with 62% saying it’s an invaluable life skill.


However, while this research suggests British parents understand the true importance of swimming, the reality is a lot different with only a third of parents saying they take their children swimming at least once a week, with membership costs and inflexible pool opening times being cited as the main reasons.

Furthermore, only 8% of the parents surveyed by STA said that their child has swimming lessons through their school. This reveals, unsurprisingly, that there is now an even greater responsibility on parents to ensure their child can swim and is water safe, but as the survey suggests, many don’t have the time or the money—this means that countless children are missing out on the opportunity to learn a vital life skill.

STA also want to encourage more families to spare more time to go swimming together; not only to support their child’s swimming lesson progression, but because of all the social, health and fitness benefits it can bring to a family. Plus, it is one of only a few activities where families can bond, and play and join in with together. 


Original source: www.sta.co.uk/news/2019/05/13/70-percent-of-parents-think-swimming-is-most-important-sport-for-kids/